Art side-blog. I love white haired anime boys and yankees. I really love kind-hearted yankees.
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Anonymous ━

hellooo mecchi ! i've been wondering if you planned to have a stand at the next Japan Expo in Paris, i'd love to see you there<3

Ahh thank you for the interest /// I don’t plan on going to Japan Expo next year, but I’ll hold a stand at Manga Dax in the South-West in France, and I’ll also go in Animasia but i won’t hold a stand there !

Anonymous ━

Your Rock Lee art gives me life, it's so beautiful! When people ask why he's my favorite character I get so confused cause he's super duper cute? Like how can they not see it??? But you get it, you're great. I love you.

Oh my god thats the cutest thing ever <3 !!! If feel the same how can people not go past his apparence and see how great he is ??? anD I LOVE YOU TOO

Anonymous ━

Your art of Sakurai Sho is really great!

oh god thank you a lot !! <3 I’m glad people like my fanarts of arashi !!!